Dramatise offers private lessons in singing where students can improve their performance skills, increase their range, improve their breathing techniques, perfect their tuning, prepare for exams and auditions, make show reels, improve their knowledge and gain confidence. These sessions are booked in 30-minute slots and can be booked as a one-off, or a regular slot. We are also happy to take bookings for duo’s and small groups. We can provide all backing tracks and sheet music for auditions and rehearsing (some additional costs may apply).

Dramatise also offers Group classes where students can work independently, in small groups, and as a whole cast. Exams with LAMDA are encouraged although optional (and at an additional cost depending on level). There are opportunities to take part in public performances and we regularly do theatre trips nationally (at additional, but very good costs).

LAMDA Group classes run on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS.
Private lessons are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Please contact us for any more information, or to book.