November 2024-Excellent exam results again! Three stars got 99! Ava and Ray in Musical Theatre and Belle in Speaking in Public!

July 2023-Guess what……ALL DISTINCTIONS AGAIN in our June Exams! Highest ever group mark for juniors with 99! Long time student Ewan Brindley completes his Grade 8 with a 90! Topped off with all students who have auditioned for shows regionally being successful, for Les Mis, Oliver and Frozen.

April 2023-I get to say it again-FULL DISTINCTIONS for all exams taken! Our groups performed Fame and Shrek this time, and what a set of results. Well done to Belle, the highest mark ever in Dramatise history with 99!

January 2023-More LAMDA exams…..and teacher Mary completed Grade 8 with the highest mark it’s ever achieved at Dramatise, a whopping 98! Well done to everyone who also completed a stunning set of results.

November 2022-Another set of exams completed and some great results, taken at the new Sheffield Public Centre at the Venue-ran by…..Miss Michelle! Students also took part in performances of Oliver and Aladdin at Junkyard Theatre in Penistone to great success.

September 2022-Congratulations to Darcie Brown for not only graduating from her degree course, but for instantly getting a professional contract in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Leeds Playhouse.

May 2022-Excellent exam results for all! Both Junior and Senior Musical Theatre Groups got Distinction! Izzy Norton becomes the youngest to take Grade 8 Musical Theatre AND gets a distinction! And Belle Hunt now holds the record for most exams, with 16, and she’s only 9!

October 2021-A FULL SWEEP-ALL DISTINCTIONS IN OUR EXAMS! First time we’ve achieved this, every single exam getting a distinction! What a fabulous result!

November 2019-Fantastic LAMDA results again!

May 2019-A big well done to all our LAMDA exam superstars. The groups first ever time at Choral Speaking and we got a 97!!!

January 2019-Congratulations to everyone who took exams on November 25th.14 Distinctions and 2 Merits-an amazing result, with particular well done to staff members Hannah and Jamie who took their Grade 6 Musical Theatre and Hannah got 93 and Jamie 88!

February 2018
Congratulations to everyone who took part in their exams on the 25th-excellent confidence and performances all-round!

February 2018
Congratulations to former student and current teacher Darcie Brown, for being accepted into University! she has a few more auditions before she chooses, but she’s made a great start!

January 2018
Congratulations to Ewan and Isabelle from Dramatise, who performed in Snow White, their first professional pantomime at Dearne Theatre, we thoroughly enjoyed it, a pleasure to watch!

January 2018
Congratulations to Millie Wood, who performed at Sheffield Crucible theatre, in Wizard of Oz, a stunning professional Christmas show, which was a pleasure to watch, and see you up there (and great prep for your exam!)

September 2017
Congratulations to everyone at Dramatise for passing their exams with LAMDA,particularly our littlest entrants, Sarah Pierrepont, Amber Jones, and my own Belle Hunt, who is only 4! Such a great achievement for these little ones to be taking solo exams at their age, and they all passed with DISTINCTION!!!

An added well done to Darcie Brown for completing her Grade 8, with a stunning 93! It’s been 10 years of lessons,and what a great way to finish!

May 2017-Congratulations to me! I have been asked to return to ITV to help organise auditions for The Voice again! Always a pleasure to discover talent in the area.

January 2017-Conratulations to ALL the students who took part in the LAMDA exams and have some amazing results. Particular mention to the highest exam result going to Ewan Brindley receiving a stunning 90 for his Musical Theatre Grade One exam. Well done Purple Family!

October 2016-Congratulations to Heidi Wood for her successful audition to attend CAPA Juniors in September. Heidi works incredibly hard in all her Dramatise classes (we can’t get her to leave!) and she’ll be an amazing asset to the school, and I look forward to seeing her perform there in the future.

August 2016-Congratulations to Darcie Brown for her successful audition for ‘What I Go To School For’ The Busted musical. Darcie played the part of Matt’s mother, in a fab show held at Brighton Opera House, which was a pleasure to watch and Darcie was amazing! She now starts CAPA college on a two year course-good luck Darcie!

Congratulations-to me!! I’ve been given the task of working on the preliminary rounds of ITV’s THE VOICE, and auditioning those who wish to be seen by the producers. If you know anyone over 16 who is interested, tell them to get in touch, auditions will be on May 20th.

April 2016-Welcome to everyone who has joined our new group classes, including my own 3 year old daughter and niece Sarah. Classes are taught by former student Miss Charlotte and myself, and current senior student Darcie, who will be assisting in our classes.

January 2016-Well done to Chloe Coles and Ellie Burland for taking part in a music video. I had the pleasure of being asked to cast them, and joined them on set to watch them perform their own choreography for a new song by ‘The State of Georgia’, to be released soon.

January 2016-Congratulations to former student Nick Plummer Walsh who has just become the Principal of the Stagecoach franchise in Doncaster. I taught Nick on his BTEC in Musical Theatre and he also took LAMDA singing exams at Dramatise. Nick has also started working for me teaching at Fulneck Primary, and it’s a pleasure to welcome him to the madness (he also makes me feel really old!)

December 2015-Congratulations to my longest attending student Darcie Brown for being offered college places at both Wakefield College and CAPA, to study performing arts, musical theatre and dance. Darcie is, as she has always been, a testament to hard work and determination, and both colleges are lucky to have her, which ever she decides upon!

July 2015-Congratulations to Charlotte Woodward and Molly Mae Lodge who completed their Grade 8 LAMDA Musical Theatre singing exams with DISTINCTION!!!! Charlotte is now studying with the Open University, whilst Molly Mae is off to Lincoln University with the fab 135 UCAS points she gained from her singing exams. I am one very proud teacher, and wish you all the best for the future.

Also congratulations to Paula McKinney who completed her Grade 5 with a 75 Merit mark, 5 marks higher than her previous grade, showing how much she is improving. I’m very proud and look forward to seeing her perform as Tallulah in her school production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ in July.

What a talented bunch!!

Congratulations to Mary Severn and Louisa Kaye who have both been successful in their auditions for college, Louisa for Barnsley College and Mary for CAPA, and a massive well done to Hannah Brindley for being accepted into several dance universities, including her top choice of Bird!